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Configuring HP MSR 1000 Router

Asalam o alikum, in this tutorial we will learn configuring HP MSR 1000 series Router.

This is a basic configuration tutorial in which we will learn:

*) Changing of MSR Router

*) Give description on an interface?

*) configure IP Address on a router interface

*) Add a default static route

*) view configured commands.

Let’s start by connecting HP Router to PC / Laptop via console cable.

Next open putty and start serial connection. Please note if you don’t know what COM port to connect you can open “Device manager” and check the port.

As you login to the Router, by default you would be in “user view“. In this mode name of device will be displayed in <Name of device>.

To configure the router you must enter configure view , for this Enter the following command

<HPE> system-view

As you enter the above command the prompt will change from “<HPE>” to [HPE]

To view the current configuration simply run the command below

[HPE] show current-configuration

To change hostname of Router:


To configure an interface, you must enter that particular interface by typing the following command

[HPE]interface gig 0/0

Now you will be able to configure the settings specific to this interface

Let’s first set a description for this Interface and then we will asssign it an IP Address.

[HPE]description WAN-PORT

[HPE]ip address

In the end we will see how to add a static router, here i will show you the command to configure a deafult static route on HP MSR Router.

[HPE]ip route-static

That’s all for today, hope you enjoyed learning. Stay tuned for more tutorials!

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