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Configure LAN IP & DHCP settings in Fortigate Firewall

Asalam o alikum Borthers & Sisters, In this tutorial we will learn, How to Configure LAN IP & DHCP settings in Fortigate Firewall.

Foolow the steps mentioned below to get the job done !

  • Login to your Fortinet 60 D Firewall.
  • On Main page , Click on “Network ” Tab on left side bar.
  • Click on “Interfaces” under Network tab
  • There will be many Interfaces listed . Click on INTERNAL This is our LAN Interfcae
  • Settings page for our Selected Interface will now bw displayed.
  • Locate IP Network/ Mask field under “Address
  • Enter desired LAN IP in IP Network/Mask field
  • Further You can see DHCP Server Radio button. Toggle it ON/OFF to Start/Stop DHCP Server
  • To Add a New DHCP address Range click on + sign under Address Range
  • To Delete a previous range, Select the Range by Clicking on it and Click on Trash button
  • Finally Click OK

Verify the configured settings !


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