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TOTO LINK N150RH Default access

TOTO LINK N150RH Default access

TOTO LINK N150RH Default access

Asalam o alikum, Brothers and Sisters/ Today we will see How we can access TOTO Link N150RH with default settings.

Follow the steps mentioned below to get the job Done !!

  1. Connect Ethernet cable with the LAN port of TOTO Link to your PC/Laptop.
  2. Keep IP address settings to DHCP on your PC.
  3. TOTO link will assign you an IP address from range : with Gateway:
  4. Enter “” in your Browser.
  5. You will directed to Main page of TOTO LINK.
  6. Enter credentials to access the settings page

Default Username/Pass= admin

7. As soon as you Enter credentials , you will be redirected to “Easy Setup” Page

8. It’s your choice to Go with Either “Easy Setup” OR “Advanced Setup”.

9. Let’s Go with “Advanced Setup” and explore various options available.

10. Here we have a variety of settings available.

11. On the left column on main page, you will see various Tabs.

Namely :


Displays current status of TOTO LINK like UP/DOWN Interfaces, configured settings like IP Address on WAN, WIFI SSID and channel etc.


TOTO LINK can work in various modes like Access POint, Router, Repeater or in WISP Mode. We can change the operating mode of TOTO Link on this page.


  • Configure LAN / WAN Settings of TOTO Link .


  • Configure Wireless settings like SSID, Channel , Password etc.


  • Configure QOS services


  • Allows us to configure special functions like MAC Filtering, URL Filtering etc.


  • In this page you can change system settings like Change Date and time, Upgrade firmware. Backup / Restore etc.

Don’t Forget to watch the video tutorial!!!

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