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Configuring CPE 210 in Access Point mode

Configuring CPE 210 in Access Point mode

In AP mode CPE 210 will connect to our Router via cable & will then provide Wireless connectivity to clients.

There are multiple scenarios / applications of Access point mode. Let’s discuss them in detail.

SCENARIO 1: Establishing wireless Connectivity between CPE’s over long distances

In this scenario we have a CPE 210 device connected with our Netwok via cable. Our requirement is to establish network connectivty to a far off location without any wire (wireless).

We will configure our CPE 210 at site 1 in AP mode , which will broadcast wireless signals and will cover a wide area. At site 2 lwe will install another CPE 210 and configure it in AP client router mode, bridge mode,client mode etc to provide connectiivty to users at Site 2.

SCENARIO 2: Establish wireless network coverage in the campus, community, industrial park or public place to provide wireless access for users.

Typical scenario in which CPE 210 connects to our wired network and provides Wireless connectivity. Users within range of CPE 210 can connect wirelessly and can surf the Internet.

Now when we’ve discussed and learned various applications of CPE in AP mode . Let’s start with the configuration

  • Connect CPE 210 via LAN cable with your Laptop/PC.
  • Default IP of CPE is Login via browser.
  • On the main page, select “Quick Setup”.
  • Select “Access Point” and then Click “Next” at the bottom of the page.
  • Configure LAN “IP address” and “Subnet Mask”.

***IP should be from same subnet as ISP Router, so that we may access it later or management. Also DHCP will be provided by Upstream Router ***

  • Click Next after configuring IP Address.
  • Now we will configure “Wireless AP Settings”.
  • Enter name of your Wifi Network in “SSID”
  • You can leave the Region, Mode , Channel Width & frequency to default settings.
  • In security tab, Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK & then Enter password in “PSK Password” Tab.
  • Leave the Distance settings option for now.
  • Click “Next”
  • Before finishing with he setup. Your current confiugred settings will be shown in “Finish” page.
  • Review the settings and Click “Finish”
  • Device will reboot. After reboot Connect with your device , if configured properly you will be able to surf the Internet !

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