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Change WIFI name and Password of JAZ 4G Device

Change WIFI name and Password of JAZ 4G Device

Asalam o alikum, Brother & sisters. Today we will learn How to change wifi name and password of JAZZ 4G device

Jazz, the leading telecom company with a huge subscribers base in Pakistan, believes in high-quality connectivity. It provides a range of services for prepaid and postpaid customers to individual and corporate clients.

To stay in touch with beloved ones and stay updated with the surroundings, Jazz is also offering affordable 4G devices for home users.

Today we will learn changing WIFI Setting of JAZZ Super 4G wifi device.

Follow the steps mentioned below to get your work done!

-> Connect wifi and login to JAZZ 4G device

-> Navigate to “SETTINGS” tab on main page.

-> Select “WIFI” and then “Basic settings

-> Under “MAIN WIFI” you can change SSID (name of wifi).

-> Enter your desired SSID like “My network”, “MYWIFI” etc.

-> Last setting is “PASSWORD” . Enter desired password in this field.

-> Finally click on “APPLY” on end of main page

****Please note that you need to disconnect Internet on device while configuring these settings , else device won’t allow you to change any setting. *****

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