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How to configure Cisco Router as DHCP Server

How to configure Cisco Router as DHCP Server

Asalam o alikum Borthers & Sisters, in this tutorial we will learn , How we can configure Cisco Router as a DHCP Server. We will use packet tracer to practice our lab.

If you don’t have a separate DHCP server to provide automatic IP Addresses to clients (PCs, laptops, etc) in your LAN , you make make your Router a DHCP server.

Follow the steps mentioned below :

Exclude IP addresses from being assigned by DHCP by using the command:

ip dhcp excluded-address FIRST_IP LAST_IP

This command is necessary if you don’t want certain IP’s from your IP pool to be assigned automatically to clients using DHCP , and instead you will keep it reserve (assign statically to another machine later or assign as a Gateway Address).

Create a new DHCP pool with the
ip dhcp pool NAME command.

Define a subnet that will be used to assign IP
addresses to hosts with the
network SUBNET SUBNET_MASK command.

Define the default gateway with the
default-router IP command.

(optional) Define the DNS server with the
dns-server IP address command.

(Optional) Define the DNS domain name by using the
ip domain-name NAME command.

(Optional) Define the lease duration by using the
lease DAYS HOURS MINUTES command.
If you don’t specify this argument, the default
lease time of 24 hours will be used.

Let’s see it in Packet tracer…

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