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How to Download Any Xbox 360 Game for Free + How to fix google drive quota exceeded

How to Download Any Xbox 360 Game for Free + How to fix google drive quota exceeded

Asalam o alikum , Borther/sisters. In this video i will show you how you can download any xbox 360 Game for free!!!.

we will download Xbox 360 games from this website:

Go to the website , you can browse through a number of different games. use the search option to find your desired game.

For example , i will search for “Unfortunate events”.

After search is completed, click on the Game .

(If your Xbox is RGH/JTAG, look for game which has RGH/JTAG written)

After you click on the Game, you will be directed to a page with a lot of Download Links. Please look for “Link Google” , as we want to download it using Google. It will further redirect you to Google drive page.

The reason we are going these steps is in order to by pass the “Google Drive exceeded error”, as you can’t download large files directly

Make sure , you are already logged in to your Google account. Now click Google drive icon at the top right on this page and Select “My drive” , click “Add shortcut“. This will add the shortcut of the Game to your Google drive

Now , open google drive. From the left Column , click “My Drive”. You will see a shortcut on the main page in the Quick access menu.

At this point if you right click and Download the File, it will say “Download Quota exceeded for this file , so you can’t Download it at this time”.

To bypass this, Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Right click on the file and Select “Show file location”. it take take you to directory where the file is saved.
  • Next Click “Make a copy”
  • A pop-up message will be displayed stating “Created copy ..”, from there select “Show File Location”.
  • Now you can see the file, it would be a double copy of the original file,
  • Right click the file and Download it.
  • BOOM!!! You will notice that the “Quota exceeded error is Gone!
  • Download the Game and Enjoy @!

Video Tutorial:::

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