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Static routing between 3 routers | MULTI HOP Static Routing

Static routing between 3 routers | MULTI HOP Static Routing

Asalam o alikum, in this tutorial we will learn configuring Static Routes between multiple routers.

In our scenario we have 3 Routers ( R0 ,R1 AND R2).

We will now confiugre static routes in each Router
First of all Let’s go to R1 and add static Routes
for Networks &

Then we will add Default Route in Routers 0& 2.
After this configuration , When PC 0 wants to
communicate with PC1. Its traffic
will first go to it’s Default Gateway (R0).
R0 will send this traffic to R1 (Default Route) .
Then R1 will send it towards R2 (as it has Route for
destination Network in it’s Routing Table )
Finally it will reach PC 1.
Similarly for PC2 , Traffic flow would be
PC1 -> R2 -> R1 -> R0 -> PC0
Now Let’s Ping and verify

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