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MIKROTIK Multiple WAN links failover

MIKROTIK Multiple WAN links failover

Asalam o alikum. Brothers/sisters today we will learn How we can achieve Failover on multiple WAN Links in MIKROTIK.

In our scenario we will configure fail over for 2 WAN Links, but using this method you can achieve it for multiple WAN Links .

For fail over we will use the concept of “Floating static Route” .

It is simply a default route , with higher AD (Administrative distance).

so when we add 2 default Routes towards different ISP’s Gateways having different AD’s (AD of one will be smaller than other) , when 1 is unreachable it immediately selects the second available Route.

Let’s begin guyz.

In our scenario we have links of 2 ISP’s . IP scheme is as follows.

IP address for ISP1 :

IP Address for ISP2 :

IP Address on my LAN interface is:

Gateway for ISP 1 is

Gateway for ISP 2 is

Wait!!! If you don’t know how to add IP Address and Default gateway in MIKROTIK. please first seeThis POST

Let’s add default Routes for both ISP’s. ISP1 Default route AD will be 10 and for ISP2 AD will be 20 (AD can be any number, smaller number for primary route higher for secondary).

That’s it. !

yeah guyz configuration is completed. But please make sure that you have enabled natting on your Mikrotik router, so that you can access the Internet.

In case you don’t know how to enable NAT in mikrotik . please see This POST

For testing shut your Eth 1 (ISP 1) interface , you will notice that Route for ISP 1 will become unreachable and suddenly it will select the ISP2 route .

Further also ping and verify.

Now this configurations helps you achieve Failover for 2 ISP Links.

If u have a more than 2 ISP links, you will have to just add another Default Route towards Gateway of your ISP and give it an AD. If you want to give it priority over other ISP’s give it an AD which is smaller than all others.

Video Tutorial::

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