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How to access Tenda router

How to access Tenda router

In this tutorial we will learn :: How we can access TENDA Router initially.

we will also learn how to change default username and password

Let’s start. Like all other wireless routers, TENDA also has some LAN ports and 1 WAN port. To initially access TENDA Router. take an Ethernet cable and plug it into LAN Port of TENDA and other side to your PC/Laptop.

Make sure “Obtain IP Address automatically” is checked in your adapter settings, so that your PC/Laptop is assigned IP through DHCP (By default DHCP Server is enabled on TENDA).

In example below IP address assigned to my PC is & Gateway assigned is

Yah!! This is the IP we will use to login to our TENDA.

Open your browser and type the folloqing IP and press ETNER

Congratx you have accessed your TENDA.

Continue with dynamic ip selected and press OK. You can also etner static IP for your WAN link, but you can leave it for later.

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