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Configuring Tenda wireless Router to access Internet

Configuring Tenda wireless Router to access Internet

In this video we will learn how to configure our Tenda wireless router , so that we may access the Internet.

I assume here that you know how to access tenda Router. If not please refer to my video explaining initial access to Tenda Router.

After you have accessed your Router with it’s default IP. next step is to configure WAN settings of your Router.

For this Go to “Internet Settings” on left side bar. After that select “Static IP” from Connection type drop down menu.

Enter IP Address along with subnet mask and gateway. In my case it is with gateway Next also etner DNS server’s. I have etntered Google’s DNS . You can do the same or etner DNS of your ISP (if they provided you any IP of their DNS).

Press OK and your router will reboot now. wait until it comes back. Make sure that your ISP cable is plugged in “WAN” port of your TENDA.

By default DHCP is active on your Router , so you don’t have to worry about LAN settings. However if you want to change LAN IP and enable/disable DHCP, go to “Administration” tab in left side bar. after that scroll down to “LAN parameters”. here you can change settings as you wish.

Once WAN/LAN settings are completed. You are ready to go!!!

yeah you can access the Internet now.

If your settings are OK you will see a message on status tab “You can access the Internet”

verify by browsing or pinging

For video tutorial please see the video below:

IT Funkaar

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